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Hi, the name's Lena. I pretty much draw and post them here. Feel free to support me if you like my art. Thx <3
It's a thing I do.. If you follow me I usually follow back X'D!

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TokyoDollie's News

Posted by TokyoDollie - November 17th, 2021


Beautiful art by: @auarom <3

She cam out lovely! I love it!



Posted by TokyoDollie - November 1st, 2021

I posted some more to the Halloween Calendar check them out!



Posted by TokyoDollie - October 17th, 2021

More photos added to an art post! Hope you enjoy checking it out!



Posted by TokyoDollie - October 12th, 2021

Hey I updated one of my drawings! ehh... my style kind of changed over the past months. So I decided to update my Lyn "Being sexy hurts" Photo. I hope you like it!

New Ver:


Old Ver:


If you liked the old one better... Ig, you can still see the old one here: Click Click



Posted by TokyoDollie - October 10th, 2021

Update post !:

I added a few new photos to the Halloween Calendar >> Day 9 << !!

Keep scrolling to the bottom and Enjoy <3



Posted by TokyoDollie - September 26th, 2021

Rules of being an motivated artist:

Art suppose to be a place where we can escape our own mines and make what we feel and love on a blank sheet of paper/ layer.

And we suppose to draw/paint what ever we want as long as it isn't hurting people physically and attacking people personally.

Art is suppose to be a safe place to do what ever comes to mind and according to your day or mood.

Art suppose to be a place to express thoughts and personality but develop a new character you didn't know you had inside you. So do it and be proud of it! A wise person once told me "When you're great they'll be some hate".

And honestly they're right. So always remember that when people decides to tell you otherwise. Your friends are here to support you no matter what and be there for you through all your ups and downs and if not that you have at least that one person always by your side. It's not going to be easy, but there's friends out there to help pick you up and help you move forward. Don't have a friend? I'll be your friend and spread the love.



Posted by TokyoDollie - September 20th, 2021

I want to try drawing something you guys may suggest! So with that said, what would you like to see me draw? I’ll may try to draw what you guys comment below. So choose wisely! Nothing too extreme though. ^^’’



Posted by TokyoDollie - September 19th, 2021

Disclaimer: I know people dealt with much worse with their mods/OCs they made for FNF...

And that makes me so sad... honestly


I am sadly dealing with a small amount of hate on Instagram about my OC Lyn.. I know I should just ignore it... and not message them about it because they're probably kids... which I will ignore it moving forward. I just wanted to get this off my chest a bit so you guys can know what is going on since you are all my friends. :) You know I'm not a bad person I wouldn't attack something as small as a fly. I will stick to posting most of my nsfw art here tho instead to avoid this kind of attention. It makes me really sick because despite the fact I that said in my bio that the content is "mature art".. I've even warned people many of many times as well as them to not repost/upload my art and that's exactly what they did was repost and then follow up with attacking my content tagging me and several ppl so people can go to my page and potentially attack me... they even went as far as to messaging me which wasn't cool, shaming my content and calling me a "b****" because they didn't like my content. Bullying is not an acceptable behavior. If they don't like someone's content they can simply block and scroll away. I even put warning and censorship on my picture and bio to prevent this kind of reaction. They're probably a child and I'm expecting this kind of hate... But I won't allow it to bother me this much. not again. Please help by supporting me and keeping a positive mind. I won't stoop their level and link their name. Let's keep everything positive.

With that said, I posted a new drawing In Instagram letting everyone know how I feel about it in the most positive way possible and I will work with what I got. Thank you for all the support I love you all <3




Posted by TokyoDollie - September 12th, 2021

Check out my new art Instagram! I will be posting on there maybe 5 times a week ? Feel free to follow me and we can talk more there as well ^^ !!

>> https://www.instagram.com/tokyodollieng/ <<



Posted by TokyoDollie - September 2nd, 2021

I was asked a while ago can they draw me a gift/fanart.. and the answer is "Yes"!!, you are more than welcome to draw me "fanart" or gifts I will feature your art and page on my page giving you the biggest thanks ever! I will very much appreciate it! You are more than welcome to draw my OCs, so Have Fun! <3